February 7, 2011

DSA wraps up recruiting with 95.5

The Oregon Ducks reeled in a top ten recruiting class, and Duck Sports Authority joined Portland's flagship sports station 95.5 The Game to discuss the results.

95.5 The Game's Chad Doing: Even though the Ducks missed out on the defensive ends and defensive tackles that they wanted, I think all in all you have got to look at the program and say 'wow, Chip Kelly has this thing going in high gear' and he's got it going in the right direction. De'Anthony Thomas is obviously huge, the Black Mamba, and Colt Lyerla. Who is the best player that they got? Is it De'Anthony or Colt?

A.J. Jacobson: Well, I absolutely refuse to answer that. You can look at these guys and you can see what they do today and right now, but the answer is going to be in three to four to five years. When they go through their career at Oregon, then let's sit down and we'll talk about who was the best they had. But you can't go wrong with the Black Mamba or Colt Lyerla. Both those two guys are just ridiculous, sickening athletes that didn't even exist when I was in high school.

Doing: When you look at Thomas, great speed, he's a playmaker, and he has the ability much like Colt Lyerla that are both listed as athletes, they can be used in so many different ways. I think it was after you came on the show yesterday Rick Kimbrel from Rivals, he said that De'Anthony was the best player he had seen in person. He also said that much like Rocket Ishmael during his time at Notre Dame, that Chip Kelly could line him up in several different spots and just find ways to get the ball in his hands and just let him make plays.

Jacobson: I'm sure he can do exactly that. The thing with Thomas is yesterday he indicated that he is looking at running back at Oregon and that's the first I had heard of that but of course we haven't really talked to Thomas that much it was such a new thing. You look at the Oregon offense and for him you could talk about running back or wide receiver or Tazer, pretty much anything but the big grunts up front. On the other side of the ball, I've seen film of De'Anthony Thomas just lighting guys up there for Crenshaw High School. The thing is Crenshaw plays in one of the best high school leagues in the country (Los Angeles City Section). So even though it is high school, they are playing against really good athletes there in that league. When De'Anthony Thomas can excel like he has down there, that's as good as exceling anywhere in the country. I think Chip Kelly has really got something that he wants and that is a versatile athlete. As the recruiting classes come in and they hit and miss, a guy like De'Anthony Thomas or Colt Lyerla, they can fill in so many positions. That makes them more valuable than just their athletic ability.

Link to the full interview: Post LOI chat with 95.5 The Game

Stay tuned to Duck Sports Authority as we transition into next year's recruiting crop of 2012, with an eye on spring football practices beginning in less than two months.

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