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Battle of the Valley Skills Contests

At halftime in the Boys' game, there was a 3-point shooting contest and a slam dunk contest. But neither of these was as dramatic – or as complicated – as the girls' 3-point shooting contest. Here are all the details and stats, including the results of other special awards.
Girls Three-point Shooting Contest: By Dave Rogahn
At halftime in the Girls' game, there was a 3-point contest featuring 6 of the all-stars. Each contestant was allowed 30 seconds in which to attempt as many shots as possible, with the two players with the most made shots advancing to the final.
But it wasn't quite that simple. Four of the six contestants – Emma Levine (Oakwood), Haley Meadows (Calabasas), Crystal Cristales (Poly) and Ashley Bautista (Alemany) – finished the first round with 6 made shots each.
The four of them continued into a shoot off, with Meadows advancing to the final with 4 more makes. But both Cristales and Bautista had 3 makes, necessitating a second shoot off.
This time Bautista made 8 while Cristales made just 4, so Bautista advanced to the final against Meadows.
In the final, Meadows made 7 of 13 tries to capture the 3-point contest. That gave her a total of 17 makes in 37 tries over her three rounds. Bautista was 5 of 12 in the final round, and made 22 of her 49 shots over the 4 rounds in what amounted to a marathon shooting session.
Girls' 3-point Contest (30 secs per round – most makes advances/wins)
First Round:
Hilary Landa, Oaks Christian – 3 of 10
Emma Levine, Oakwood – 6 of 11
Haley Meadows, Calabasas – 6 of 12
Malika Jackson, Knight – 3 of 13
Crystal Cristales, Poly – 6 of 13
Ashley Bautista, Alemany – 6 of 14
1st Shoot-Off:
Emma Levine, Oakwood – 2 of 10
Haley Meadows, Calabasas – 4 of 12
Crystal Cristales, Poly – 3 of 12
Ashley Bautista, Alemany – 3 of 11
2nd Shoot-Off :
Crystal Cristales, Poly – 4 of 14
Ashley Bautista, Alemany – 8 of 12
Haley Meadows, Calabasas – 7 of 13 (winner)
Ashley Bautista, Alemany – 5 of 12
Boys Three-point Shooting Contest: By Dave Rogahn
In the 3-point contest, four players competed, using the same 30-second rule as the girls did. Brad Lewis (Simi Valley) made 10 of his 15 shots, and Sam Levine (Oak Park) made 9 of his 15 shots to advance to the final. Michael Williams (Taft) and Gary Ricks (Sylmar) each made 5 shots in the first round.
In the final, Lewis prevailed easily, making 8 of his 14 shots for an overall total of 18 for 29. Levine made just 5 of 15 in the final, settling for the runner-up spot.
Boys' 3-point Contest (30 secs per round – most makes advances/wins)
First Round :
Michael Williams, Taft – 5 of 13
Brad Lewis, Simi Valley – 10 of 15
Sam Levine, Oak Park – 9 of 15
Gary Ricks, Sylmar – 5 of 14
Brad Lewis, Simi Valley – 8 of 14 (winner)
Sam Levine, Oak Park – 5 of 15
Boys Dunk Contest: By Dave Rogahn
Then came the dunk contest. Each of the four contestants had 2 dunks which were judged by a 5-person panel, which included Girls' game MVP Gennifer Brandon.
The first round had its ups and downs – actually, each contestant made one dunk and missed one dunk so each contestant had his ups and downs. The most impressive dunk of the round was a throw-catch-reverse jam by Steven Thornton of Golden Valley, which brought the only perfect score of 50 in the entire contest.
Demetrius Perkins of Monroe scored a total of 72 points in the first round to join Thornton in the final.
But in the final, Perkins missed both of his dunk attempts, clearing the way for Thornton. The 6-5 forward offered a variation of his perfect first-round dunk with a throw-catch-two-hander on his first jam, which rated a score of 45 from the judges (only Thornton's other dunk would rate higher).
And on his second try, with Perkins having already missed his second try, Thornton took a pass from GV teammate Maverick Ahanmisi off the backboard and threw down the putback. That rated a 39, easily enough to capture the slam dunk contest.
Boys' Slam Dunk Contest (2 dunks per round scored by 5 judges)
First Round:
Bak Bak, Village Christian 42 + 27 = 69
Demetrius Perkins, Monroe 41 + 31 = 72
Steven Thornton, Golden Valley 28 + 50 = 78
Chris Shaw, Knight 26 + 41 = 67
Demetrius Perkins, Monroe 31 + 30 = 61
Steven Thornton, Golden Valley 45 + 39 = 84 (winner)
Scholarship Awards:Also on the program were a pair of scholarship awards for each game.
Before the girls' game, Hilary Landa (Oaks Christian) and Sara Villanueva (Poly) were honored. Landa is headed to Duke next year, while Villanueva is at this point undecided.
Before the boys' game, Tyler McGrath (Oaks Christian) and Bryce Brady (Campbell Hall) were honored. McGrath is undecided about where he will attend college, but Brady has committed to the United States Air Force Academy.