Frisco Finest/Peninsula Basketball Camp Report

Frisco Finest Youth Camp HighlightsBy Lee Hubbard
SAN FRANCISCO - The first annual Frisco Finest youth Adidas camp was held recently in San Francisco at the Ernest Ingold Boys Club. Put together by Nate Ford, the longtime basketball director at Ernest Ingold Boys Club and the founder of the San Francisco Rebels club team, the Frisco Finest camp looked at the top middle school players in San Francisco and Peninsula regions of the San Francisco bay area.
Over 80 kids came to take part in the camp in mostly the middle school grades. While there were a few players who stood out amongst the participants, the talent level was steady. The Oakland region of the bay area has long been a known magnate for college recruiters for years but the San Francisco region has been an untapped jewel.
Players such as Stephen Domingo (Georgetown), Josh Fox (UC Riverside) Taylor Johns (UC Riverside), Jerry Brown (Fresno State), Deend Parker (USF), Tyler Johnson (Fresno State) and Noah Springwater (Columbia), excelled in high school and then moved on to the collegiate level.
The camp was broken into a series of offensive and defensive stations during the early morning part of the camp, as coaches manned the stations and ran the players through a series of drills. In the afternoon, the players were broken into teams and they participated in two games.
Based on the performances of the skill sessions and the games players were ranked on their performances. Here is a look at some of the top performers of the camp.
Class of 20171. Alfred Hollins, 6-4 wingman, ISA Middle School, San Francisco - Hollins was clearly the top player in the camp and he is top 20 player nationally in his class. A do it all wingman, Hollins is long and wiry. He uses his quickness and jumping ability to play inside and his skill set to play outside on the perimeter.
On a series of plays, he rebounded the ball and drove the length of the court to finish in traffic. Scored in the post on the next offensive series and then followed this up, knocking down back to back three-pointers. In this game, he finished with 25 points, and showed his potential.
His overall skill set will allow him to play a series of positions at the high school level. He will be an immediate impact player next year at the high school level.
2. Romello Dunbar, 5-foot-8 guard, Aptos Middle school, San Francisco - Dunbar is a quick and crafty lead guard, who also stood out with his solid handle, good looking stroke and ability to get to the basket. Dunbar was his non-stop motor on both ends of the court. He led Aptos Middle School to the San Francisco Public School championship, and the heady guard will be a player to watch the next few years in high school.
3. Francisco Raboy, 6-1 forward - A crafty low post player who is athletic, runs the floor and scores in the post. He showed solid foot work in the post and was very active.
4. Devon Reed, 5-10 guard, Grange Middle School, Fairfield - A strong finisher at the rim who attacks the basket very well.
5. Dakari Hughes, 5-7 guard, Green Valley Middle School, Fairfield - A strong point guard, who is strong with the ball, competes and makes great decisions with the ball.
Others of Note6. Isaiah Randle, 5-9 guard, Green Valley Middle School, Fairfield
7. Dakari Hughes, 5-7 guard, Green Valley Middle School, Fairfield
8. Amir Boddie, 6-foot guard, Park side Middle, South San Francisco
9. Dakobe Mayfield
10. Larry Ware
Class of 20181. James Chun, 5-9 guard - Was the best player in the 2018 class in the camp. A big guard, showed the ability to get to the basket, knock down the midrange shot and set people up.
2. Jah Pratt, 5-7 guard - A crafty combo guard with a good feel for the game. He found ways to score off the dribble and also showed his range by knocking down several jumpers in the two games he played.
3. Areon Mitchell, 6-foot wing - A man child who is very raw, but very athletic. A wing type of player, he was very active in the games.
Others of Note4. Jake Bubakar
5. Robert Lee
6. Denzil McCollum
7. Adrian Otis
8. Trevion Speed
9. Elijah Pratt
10. Gary Hudson
Names to NoteWillie Williams, class of 2019
Willie Luo, class of 2019
Miles Williams, class of 2019
Kareem Sullivan, class of 2020
Zach Quanico, class of 2020
Risha Raghavan, class of 2020
Lee Hubbard III, class of 2021
Sanni Wilhite, Class of 2022
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