King of Kings Elite Camp is set for Nov. 2-3

On November 2-3 will host much of the top talent on the West Coast under one roof. This CaliforniaPreps invite-only King of Kings Elite Camp will be held at Santiago College. The camp will be absolutely loaded with talent and has commitments from many of the top kids on the West Coast.
***The camp will be broken up into 2 divisions. One division will feature the top 5th and 6th graders. The other division will be filled with the top 7th and 8th graders.
***The camp will feature training and games on both days and will conclude with Top 24 games for each of the two divisions. 
***On Saturday (November 2) there will be 1 1/2 hours of training and 2 games. On Sunday (November 3) there will be 1 hour of training and 1 game. At the end of camp on Sunday there will be the Top 24 games for each division.
***Coaches/trainers will include Mike Chappell (Duke/Michigan), Nigel Carter (Cal), and Oscar Bellfield (UNLV/New York Knicks).
***The player gift bags will include socks, a lanyard, and each will have a mystery gift card to Shiekh shoes from $10-25. One player in each grade (4 raffle winners) will get to go into Shiekh shoes and get whatever shoes they want - from Kobes to Durants to Lebrons, etc.
Other prizes and raffles are in the works.
King of Kings Elite Camp
Santiago College
8045 E. Chapman Ave
Orange, CA
General Admission- $8 for the day. $14 for the weekend
Rosters: (frequently updated for late changes)
5th/11u and 6th/12u Division
FloridaJaylen Vazquez (4th Grade/10u)
Issac Ennis Ticeson (WA)
Cole Harris
Jalen Cole
Silas Ennis Ticeson (WA)
Maseo Refuerzo
Nadav Fried
Caleb Santos
Fred Burton
ArkansasBarry Wilds
Barrington Hargress
Jordan McZeal
Romtin Rahbar
Alex Wade
Chibuzo Agbo
Joshua Christopher
CJ Straud
BJ Riley
Justyn Hunter
ArizonaRandolph Smith (4th Grade/10u)
Jaden Byers
Xavier Williams
Akoye Hudson
Cal Whitney
Trey Nelson
Abraham Eagle
TJ Lyons
Noah Taitz (NV)
OregonChris Hammond (4th Grade/10u)
Bryan Mex
John Belardi
Keith Dinwiddie
Quinn Boomstra
Amir Gibson
John Thomas Tan
Trent Shroer
StanfordJaayden Bush (4th Grade/10u)
Lani Whiteside
Ben Shtolzberg
Brandon Perez
Gerren Edwards
King Miller
Hercy Miller
Marcus Joseph
CalTyler Powell
Noam Karu
Matteo Chavez
DJ Jackson
Kolby Kimbrough
Jalen Reyes
Paris Dawson
Obinna Anyanwu
Brandon Whitney
7th/13u and 8th/14u Division
UCLAOneyka Okongwu
Lucas Hobbs
Josh Vazquez
Dorrian Stewart
Taj Regan
Caleb Christopher
Antwan January
Nathan Irwin
Payton Moore
Austin Galuppo
David Atencio
USCEJ Jackson
Jacob Ortega
Jordan Brinson
Javon Jones
Marjon Beauchamp (WA)
Jaylan Slaughter
Cassius Stanley
Charlie Wadler
Joseph Bush
Jordan Williams
UNCJovan Blacksher
Gianni Hunt
Bryce Hamilton
Jonathan Daniels
Elijah Scranton
Michael Feinberg
Nicky Green
Kevin White
Andre Fields
Zaire Morton (WA)
DukePaul Bingaman
Jared Layne
Amyr Henry
Pierre Crockrell (WA)
Sammy Duffin
Scooter Smith
Mike Irving
Demarje Gilmore
Cameron Boyd
Michigan StateJacob Ray
Dominique Winbush
Johny Juzang
Nygel Burton
Daeshawn Wayne (WA)
Darius Gwinn (OR)
Elijah McCullough
Darrell Houston
Bryson Betti
Tae Le
Ohio StateDillon Depina
Jalen House (AZ)
Chris Koon
Makani Whiteside
Spencer Freedman
Fletcher Tynen
Harrison Butler
Wes Slajchert
Riley Battin
Ryan Victorio
Saturday ScheduleCheck In- (Payments and Jersey pick up)
• 7:30 AM- 5th Grade/11u
• 7:40 AM- 6th Grade/12u
• 7:50 AM- 7th Grade/13u
• 8:00 AM- 8th Grade/14u
Training- 8:10 AM- 9:40 AM
Raffle/Regroup- 9:45 AM
Game Time! At 10:00 AM- 2:00 PM
Sunday ScheduleTraining- 9:00 AM- 10:00 AM
Game Time! At 10:10 AM
Camp Wrap Up- 12:15 PM
5th and 6th Grade Top 24 Performers Game- 12:30 PM
7th and 8th Grade Top 24 Performers Game- 1:30 PM
Team Match Ups and Times
Saturday7th/8th grade Division
10 am- UCLA vs. USC
10 am- UNC vs. Duke
10 am- Michigan St. vs. Ohio St.
5th/6th grade Division
11 am- Florida vs. Arkansas
11 am- Arizona vs. Cal
11 am- Oregon vs. Stanford
7th/8th grade Division
12 pm- UCLA vs. Duke
12 pm- USC vs. Ohio St.
12 pm- UNC vs. Michigan St.
5th/6th grade Division
1 pm- Florida vs. Stanford
1 pm- Arkansas vs. Cal
1 pm- Arizona vs. Oregon
Sunday7th/8th grade Division
10:10 am- UCLA vs. UNC
10:10 am- USC vs. Michigan St.
10:10 am- Duke vs. Ohio St.
5th/6th grade Division
11:10 am- Florida vs. Cal
11:10 am- Arkansas vs. Oregon
11:10 am- Arizona vs. Stanford