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Isa Silva: On A Mission to Accomplish

Who is Isa Silva? Is he just that guard that has these crazy handles out of Sacramento Jesuit High? No, he’s much more than just that.

He’s the just-graduated 6-3 prep point guard from Prolific Prep, a man child that wants to win a national championship for Stanford.

This guy showed all the tricks up his sleeve for the Compton Magic AAU and is a player with a boyish face that’s out to destroy college basketball as best he can.


Ever since he was very young, Isa has had this passion burning in his belly to play basketball. His work ethic is second to none mainly because of his grandparents who are immigrants of Mexican decent.

Isa is so very proud of them, “My grandparents sacrificed so much for us all, we owe them everything. They inspired us all so very much.”

You see, Isa is more than crafty in game with his dribbles, ball movement, no look passing. He’s like famed Pete Maravich, aces up both sleeves, deuces wild all game long, and he doesn’t even get tired.

Who can we credit? For sure one person is his personal trainer Rashid Cann who trained him since age 9. Isa calls him good people.

Isa’s favorite players, the ones he appreciates most are NBA’s Luca Doncic, Trae Young, Steph Curry, and Steve Nash. Isa’s goal is to be in the NBA. He tries to be free flow dynamic in how he plays.

The reasons he picked Stanford are it feels like home, they kind of offered first, and he’ll get to spend much time with his best friend and cousin Josue Gil who grew up with him.

Now feel this incredible quote from his uncle Jose Gil, head coach and athletic director at Alisal High, which is located in the farming city of Salinas, “Isa has worked his tail off for many years to earn a D-1 basketball scholarship to Stanford University.

“He is talented, tough and smart enough to know that this is part of the plan we had for him. He dreamt it, and now he is living it.

"He will not cut corners and settle; he will lead, outwork and maximize his skills to take Stanford to an elite level in basketball. Con GANAS.”

An important part of Isa’s journey was when he played for the Compton Magic AAU team. Justin Williams coached him there and lived in Sacramento as did Isa. Justin is that guy Isa can really trust.

Being a part of Compton Magic is important to Isa. He says on being on the main court every night, “There’s so much on the line in those games, it’s exciting!”

He loved his match up vs. Cade Cunningham at their All American camp and playing against the Atlantic Celtics AAU team, which were highlights for him.

Now you have an inside peek at an elite athlete, a superior student.

I can see Isa being like my friend Candice Wiggins, all time successful at Stanford. He’s got a mission to accomplish, nothing can get in his way.

So take a seat and watch the ride! One step at a time. And no doubt it’ll be a blast.