Photos: WCE25 championships, pt. 1


The WCE25 Championship at Open Gym Premier was held at the American Sports Center in Anaheim on July 5-6 and here are some action pics from the event. We'll have more from this and other events soon.

Click on the Photo Feature link below for photos of:

Jason Harris (12u WCA))
Justice Matthew (14u Liftoff)
Paris Dawson (12u WCA)
Fred Burton (12u Julius V. Elite)
Nick Laurie (13u i10 Celtics)
Kai Davis (10u SCV Playmakers)
Lucas Hobbs (13u Earl Watson Elite)
Marquise Nelloms (14u Liftoff)
Ty Ty Washington (12u WCA)
Dwon Odom (12u Julius V. Elite)
Amani Harris (13u Earl Watson Elite)
Robert Diaz (10u ESP Bobcats/i10 Celtics)
Kyree Walker (12u Julius V. Elite)
Johnny Juzang (13u Earl Watson Elite)
Ramel Lloyd (10u ESP Bobcats/i10 Celtics)
Ryan Langborg (13u San Diego Wildcats)

And more!

Click here for Photo Feature


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